About Me

Darius Bucinskas, 24, Sydney Australia

I've loved games my whole life and fell in love with poker at age 11 playing 5 card draw for MnMs after dinner with my friends. At 18 I played passionately in an attempt to go pro, but I had a lot to learn.

After a few years of playing random formats, unguided study and mental anguish I realised I wasn't treating the game like a professional. If I was going to make it I had to let go of my old approach and start from scratch. I took over a year off, found the guidance I needed and got to work.

In 2019 I found myself consistently winning at 200nl but I knew I had a lot more to learn. I dropped down in stakes and got a lot of coaching as I again re-built my game. In March 2019 I was playing 25nl, by September 2020 I took a shot at 1k and the rest is history.

I love to coach. Sharing the lessons I've learned keeps poker from being a zero sum game. If I can save my students the futility of time wasting or unnecessary pain I've done my job. If you want help finding a smooth path to higher stakes please get in touch via social media or find my details below.

Email: darius@eqpoker.com

Skype: live:.cid.bb90f6b5d81a3bae

Coaching Website: eqpoker.com